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Carl McColman

Carl McColman is the author of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, Christian Mystics, and Answering the Contemplative Call, as well as a popular website and blog ( devoted to Christian and world mysticism. His writing has appeared on Huffington Post, Patheos, Beliefnet, and Contemplative Journal. Carl lives near Atlanta, Georgia. Photo credit: Z Jones

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366 Celt (Paperback)
         A Year and a Day of Celtic Wisdom and Lore

Answering the Contemplative Call (Paperback)
         First Steps on the Mystical Path

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism (Paperback)
         The Essential Guide to Contemplative Spirituality

Christian Mystics (Paperback)
         108 Seers, Saints, and Sages

The Little Book of Christian Mysticism (Paperback)
         Essential Wisdom of Saints, Seers, and Sages