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Amanda Ford

Amanda Ford is a young, vibrant writer with a talent for uncovering extraordinary meaning in everyday events. In her most recent book, Retail Therapy, Amanda takes an insightful and fun look at the lessons we can glean while participating in a common activity: shopping. Amanda's work has been featured in publications such as Real Simple, Glamour, The Chicago Tribune and The Seattle Times, and she is a regular contributor to the popular travel website Girl's Guide to City Life. You can contact Amanda through her website.

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Be True to Yourself (Paperback)
         A Daily Guide for Teenage Girls

Between Mother & Daughter (Paperback)
         A Teenager and Her Mom Share the Secrets of a Strong Relationship

Kiss Me, I'm Single (Paperback)
         An Ode to the Solo Life

Retail Therapy (Paperback)
         Life Lessons Learned While Shopping

Wonderful Ways to Love a Child (Paperback)