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Jack Mingo

Along with Erin Barrett, Jack Mingo published over 20 books, including Random Kinds of Factness. He is a full-time writer specializing in somewhat offbeat trivia books. In his spare time, Jack keeps six hives and half a million bees in his Alameda (Bay Area) backyard and sells their honey at local farmers markets. His bees produce 650 pounds of honey per year (59 gallons, 472 pint jars).

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Al Capone Was a Golfer (Paperback)
         Hundreds of Fascinating Facts from the World of Golf

Bees Make the Best Pets (Paperback)
         All the Buzz About Being Resilient, Collaborative, Industrious, Generous, and Sweet–Straight from the Hive

Ben Franklin's Guide to Wealth (Paperback)
         Being a 21st Century Treatise on What It Takes to Live a Rich Life

Cats Don't Always Land on Their Feet (Paperback)
         Hundreds of Interesting Facts from the Cat World

Doctors Killed George Washington (Paperback)
         Hundreds of Fascinating Facts from the World of Medicine

Dracula Was a Lawyer (Paperback)
         Hundreds of Fascinating Facts from the World of Law

It Takes a Certain Type to be a Writer (Paperback)
         Facts from the World of Writing and Publishing

Not Another Apple for the Teacher (Paperback)
         Hundreds of Fascinating Facts from the World of Education

Random Kinds of Factness (Paperback)
         1001 (or So) Absolutely True Tidbits About (Mostly) Everything