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Shambhala Sutra
Himalayan Trilogy Book III
Laurence Brahm
ISBN: 9780892542222
Book (Paperback)
Nicolas-Hays, Ibis Press
6.25 x 9
272 pages
April 1, 2017

Currently Not Available for Purchase

Following the Shambhala Sutraóan ancient manuscript written by Penchen Lama over two hundred years agoóLaurence Brahm started his journey to Shambhala in Lhasa and continued deep into the harsh regions of Tibet.

Shambhala Sutra presents Brahmís expedition across western Tibetís Ngari region where he learned that the ancient sutra was actually a metaphorical guidebook. He traces a route embedded with riddles through deserts and mountains. The lessons learned from this journey (as told in the sutra as a prophecy) are that shortsighted greed, war, and failure to protect our environment will cause kingdoms and empires to vanish. Mankindís future depends on ensuring a sustainable planet through more holistic economics, empowering communities and people, and preserving our environment. These are the messages hidden in the Shambhala Sutra.

Laurence Brahm is a global activist, international mediator, political columnist, and author. He is the leading advocate for the Himalayan Consensus, a fresh, innovative approach to development that emphasizes empowering people with local pragmatism instead of broad sweeping globalized ideology and theory.
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