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Women's Intuition
Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body
Paula M. Reeves, PhD
ISBN: 9781573241564
Foreword by Marion Woodman
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
7 x 9
256 pages
June 1, 1999


Women's intuition is real, says Paula Reeves. Encoded in a woman's DNA, this subtle yet potent source of knowledge has been doubted and dismissed as an old wives' tale. Because social conditioning and male-dominated culture have caused women to feel disconnected from their own bodies, Dr. Reeves believes that most women are unaware of what their intuition is trying to tell them.

In Women's Intuition, Dr. Reeves guides readers to remove the blocks preventing this channel of knowledge from informing and enriching their daily lives. By evoking body-based intuition, readers can reestablish their body-mind bond and access their intuitive power for healing and insight.

Paula Reeves, PhD, is a well-known workshop leader in the fields og psychology and psychoneuroimmunology, creator of the Spontaneous Contemplative Movement program, and a therapist in private practice. Widely published in academic journals, she lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
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