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Be True to Yourself
A Daily Guide for Teenage Girls
Amanda Ford, Foreword by Shannon Berning
ISBN: 9781573241892
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 x 7
398 pages
September 30, 2000


More than a book, Amanda Ford's Be True to Yourself is a teen's best friend and daily companion. Written in a comforting daily meditation format, Ford has provided 365 entries on topics ranging from dating and school to body image, dealing with parents, and fighting with friends. This is the first daybook written specifically for young women by one of their own: "The encouragement and guidance I wished an older sister had given me as a teenager, as well as the stories and advice that I would share with my younger sister during her tumultuous teen years," writes Ford.

Teenage girls face many pressures and can use all the help they can find. Amazingly, while women everywhere turn to daily meditations for comfort and support, no one, until now, has done a daybook specifically for teens. Instead there are many books written by adults telling these young women what they should feel and think. With gentle wisdom and understanding, Amanda guides readers through confusing issues with refreshing honesty.

Having recently lived through her teen years, this twenty-one-year-old offers something different in Be True to Yourself: "This is not so much an advice book as a guide to help girls discover themselves, learn to listen to their inner voices, and think for themselves," she says.

Amanda Ford is a young, vibrant writer with a talent for uncovering extraordinary meaning in everyday events. In her most recent book, Retail Therapy, Amanda takes an insightful and fun look at the lessons we can glean while participating in a common activity: shopping. Amanda's work has been featured in publications such as Real Simple, Glamour, The Chicago Tribune and The Seattle Times, and she is a regular contributor to the popular travel website Girl's Guide to City Life. You can contact Amanda through her website.
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