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Expecting Baby
Nine Months of Wonder, Reflection & Sweet Anticipation
Judy Ford, Foreword by Ame Mahler Beanland
ISBN: 9781573247146
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
7 x 7
168 pages
September 1, 2001


Pregnancy remains one of life's biggest adventures--a time filled with wonderment as well as new thought, feelings, and worries. Wisely and gently, Judy Ford guides new mothers through every month and phase of this very special time.

Written in Judy Ford's characteristically warm and supportive style, Expecting Baby is an emotional and spiritual handbook for mothers to help get them through one of life's great adventures: pregnancy. Filled with practical wisdom and insight, Expecting Baby is a great gift of comfort, support and encouragement. From morning sickness, stretch marks and getting support from family and friends to decorating the nursery, food cravings and sex while pregnant, the reader will learn to sift through the troublesome glitches to discover satisfaction and delight in her pregnancy. When she is moody and can't touch her toes, when she's fearful and just wants this baby out, Expecting Baby will help remind her what the journey is all about.

From the book:
"Expecting Baby is about experiencing the wonder of pregnancy, about not missing a moment of one of the most magnificent and transformational happenings of your life. In a very real sense, it is about your birth as a mother," says author Judy Ford.

With over half a million copies of her books in print, Judy Ford, M.S.W. is the best-selling author of Conari's "Wonderful Ways" books, which include Wonderful Ways to Love a Teen, Wonderful Ways to Love a Child, Wonderful Ways to Be a Family, Wonderful Ways to Love a Grandchild, and Wonderful Ways to Be a Stepparent. Co-author with her daughter Amanda of Between Mother & Daughter, she lives in Washington state.
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Ame Mahler Beanland is a writer, award-winning art director, and co-author of Mother's Nature. She lives in Pleasanton, California, with her husband and daughter.

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