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Caring for the Dying
The Doula Approach to a Meaningful Death
Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW
ISBN: 9781573247429
Discussion Guide Included
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
6 x 9
256 pages
February 1, 2019

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"This title, the first of its kind, makes a compelling case for end-of-life doula care for the dying and their loved ones.† Long-time practitioner Fersko-Weiss also discusses techniques and practices for readers who want to have a more peaceful, meaningful death experience." --Library Journal (Best Books of 2017)

"Fersko-Weissís perspective is a desperately needed reminder of the value of facing lifeís most difficult transitions with open eyes and hearts." --Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

Death is like a dark and painful secret. It challenges how we think about ourselves and makes us feel vulnerable. In this book, Henry Fersko-Weiss encourages us to face our fear and engage in an open, honest dialog about death. By doing so, we give the last gift we can give to our loved ones and ourselves.

The doula approach to death offers opportunities to explore the meaning of life and to convey that meaning through legacy work. Based on the model of care provided by birth doulas, it emphasizes thoughtful planning for how the last days of life should look, sound, and feel and calls for around-the-clock vigil care, which provides emotional and spiritual support for both the dying person and their loved ones.

Fersko-Weiss recounts beautiful stories that show that dying doesnít need to be as bleak and soul-wrenching as we think. It can be meaningful and even life affirming. Discussion guide included.

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Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW, is executive director of the International End-of-Life Doula Association. In 2003, Henry created the very first End-of-Life Doula Program in the US at a hospice in New York City and has built many other programs based on his model. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and elsewhere. He is on the faculty of the Open Centerís Art of Dying Institute.
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