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The Woman's Book of Confidence
Meditations for Strength and Inspiration
Sue Patton Thoele
ISBN: 9781573248105
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 x 7
296 pages
April 30, 2002


Now back in stock in a freshly minted look, from the beloved author of The Woman’s Book of Courage. Sue Patton Thoele has written a dozen books, sharing the wisdom of her own life and her practice as a therapist. Women of all ages will find reassurance, humor, and stories that help them access the confidence they need to make their lives and dreams their own.

Thoele encourages us to weave a safety net, befriend our fears and see what we can take away from them, become our own parent when we need one, accept what is, and change what we can. These brief meditations, read daily, help reclaim dreams, tap into your intuitive wisdom, and find the strength to live fearlessly each and every day.

Confidence is not some big, abstract “out there” thing, accessible only to movie stars, brainiacs, and billionaires. It’s the stuff daily life is made of. Sue Thoele inspires and encourages us to find and grow our own confidence.

Sue Patton Thoele is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of The Woman’s Book of Confidence, The Woman’s Book of Courage, and The Woman’s Book of Spirit among other books. She and her husband, Gene, live in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo Credit: Paige Eden Thoele)
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