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The Best Things Parents Do
Ideas & Insights from Real-World Parents
Susan Isaacs Kohl, Foreword by M. J. Ryan
ISBN: 9781573249027
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
176 pages
March 1, 2004


Parents are doing a better job than they think they are. Author Susan Kohl has been a parent watcher for more than 30 years--and she knows what parents do well. A kind of Mr. Rogers for parents, Susan Kohl's The Best Things Parents Do is a "best practices" book that parents will turn to again and again.

Each chapter focuses on one topic and contains stories and vignettes from Kohl's personal experience, relevant statistics and psychological truths, strategies to use, and things to think about or actions to take. Kohl knows that when parents begin to pay attention to what they do well, they can do more of it--channeling their children's energy into constructive endeavors, modeling positive behavior and discouraging negative behavior, and honoring their children's feelings as well as their own.

The Best Things Parents Do is divided into four parts:
1. The Best Attitudes Parents Hold: the best parents value progress.

2. The Best Things Parents Do: from focusing on their children's feelings to seeing the opportunities in obstacles.

3. The Best Things Parents Do for Themselves.

4. The Best Things Parents Do for Each Other.

Parents of children of any age will find relief--and hope--in The Best Things Parents Do.

A self-proclaimed "parent-watcher," Susan Isaacs Kohl has been teaching parents for almost forty years and currently counsels parents from a variety of cultures every week. She is a preschool director, teacher, and a director mentor for Diablo Valley College. She has consulted for Head Start, the National Association of Education for Young Children, and the Child Development Project. A frequent magazine contributor, Kohl has written for Parents, Woman's Day, Family Circle, and the San Francisco Chronicle.
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M. J. Ryan is one of the creators of the New York Times bestselling 'Random Acts of Kindness' series and the author of Attitudes of Gratitude, The Power of Patience, and The Happiness Makeover among other titles. Altogether, there are 1.75 million copies of her titles in print. Her most recent book is Habit Changers: 81 Game-Changing Mantras to Mindfully Realize Your Goals.

Currently, M. J. works as an executive coach to senior executives and entrepreneurs around the world to accelerate business success and personal fulfillment. Her clients include Royal Dutch Shell, Microsoft, Time, the U.S. military, and Aon Hewitt. She’s also a partner with the Levo League career network and the lead venture coach at SheEO, an organization offering a new funding and support model for female entrepreneurs. Photo credit: Sunshine Design Studio

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