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Family Blessings for Special Moments Great and Small
Gale Pryor
ISBN: 9781573249133
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
4 3/4 x 6 1/4
160 pages
October 15, 2003


Gale Pryor offers found blessings, traditional blessings, and her own original blessings, which are at times funny, at times thought provoking, but always meaningful. Included are "Blessings for Home," "Blessings for Friends & Neighbors Wherever They Are," "Blessings for Our Daily Bread," "Blessings for Babies and Children," "Blessings for Partnership," and "Blessings for Small Pleasures."

From the book:
Among the blessings Pryor wrote:
* May your home have more books than shelves, more food than plates, and more guests than chairs.

* Bless the partner who sorts and cleans the spice cabinet.

* May every small child watch an ant and let it live.

Pryor calls these "the prayers drawn up from the little things rather than prayers drawn down from the heavens."

Drawn down from those heavens are the traditional blessings she shares in this lovely, evocative, family-friendly book.

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