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Girlfriends Are Lifesavers
Created by Reeda Joseph
ISBN: 9781573443593
Book (Hardcover)
Viva Editions
5 1/2 x 6 1/2
64 pages
Color illustrations throughout
November 24, 2009


Who do we turn to for the best advice, gossip, and fashion tips? Our friends! And listen, ladies we'd be nowhere without our girlfriends. So here it isa book to celebrate our bff's who get us through life, Each colorful page features images of gal pals sharing true-to-life comments illustrating the deep bonds of true friendship. More than just pretty pictures, Girlfriends Are Lifesavers is a tribute to the art of friendship. Laugh-out loud funny, art collector Reeda Josephs has paired each one-of-a-kind image with canny comments - lovely vintage vixens sharing the special moments of life. Filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt caring, this charming collection honors everything it means to be a true friend. Each writing reflects on a different aspect of women's friendships from sharing secrets to sharing tears, from being each other's cheerleaders to comforting one another with hugs, advice ... and maybe a little chocolate.

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