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Your Evolving Soul
The Cosmic Spirituality of the Urantia Revelation
Byron Belitsos
ISBN: 9781579830366
Book (Paperback)
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
160 pages
May 25, 2017

Currently Not Available for Purchase

The Urantia Book offers a complex revelation about the human soul that stands alone in its coherence and richness of detail.

Your Evolving Soul is the first book to explain this advanced teaching for the ordinary reader, while also comparing Urantia teachings on soul evolution to other accounts of the soul in philosophy and the wisdom traditions, utilizing as an analytical tool the integral theories of philosopher Ken Wilber. Belitsos depicts the human soul as a species of the higher mind that is quintessentially evolutionary and experiential—a sacred vehicle of personal identity and immortality that contributes something crucial to cosmic evolution.

Through his interpretation of the Urantia material, the author offers a model of the human soul to be tested, examined, and compared—not as a finished truth to be accepted as doctrine.

Byron Belitsos is one of the world’s leading exponents of The Urantia Book. He brings to his interpretations a lifetime of advanced study in philosophy, psychology, history, and theology and decades of practice in esoteric Christianity and Buddhism. For the past 20 years Belitsos has been the publisher, editor, or coauthor of numerous acclaimed and award-winning books in these fields. Visit him at
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