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One God, Shared Hope
Twenty Threads Shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Maggie Oman Shannon
ISBN: 9781590030516
Red Wheel Weiser
6 x 7
160 pages
May 15, 2003


Writer and spiritual director Maggie Oman Shannon has long believed that we all yearn for a spiritual connection to a higher power. In One God, Shared Hope she presents twenty principles shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and provides passages from each religion's holy scriptures to illustrate their commonalties.

One God, Shared Hope is organized in three sections, Concerning God, Concerning Others, and Concerning Self, within which are chapters on each of the twenty universal principles the three religions ask their adherents to live by. The principles range from "Trust in God" and "Stay Thankful" to "Honor Your Parents" to "Be a Peacemaker." Each chapter begins with a short explanation of the similarities and differences in belief and practice of each religion, followed by excerpts from the scriptures that accentuate universality. The book also includes a list of resources for further study.

Taken all together the principles teach us how to live, how to connect to each other, and how to connect with God. This is a simple and simply profound book.

Maggie Oman Shannon is an interfaith minister, spiritual director, workshop and retreat facilitator, and author of several books including Prayers for Healing. She is the former editor of three national magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post, and also served as the director of marketing for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Maggie currently serves as the spiritual director of Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco.
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