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Good Sexual Citizenship
How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World
Ellen Friedrichs
ISBN: 9781627782876
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
5 x 8
240 pages
September 24, 2019


Why is it that there is so much sexual injustice in the world? Why is it that a woman’s looks define who she is while men are defined by . . . everything else? Why is it that heteronormative relationships are embraced everywhere, but others are questioned, challenged, or viewed as sinful? Why do we mold children into what we, as a society, expect them to be through toys, clothes, and life lessons?
Our society is undergoing an evolution, and it’s everyone’s duty to become “good sexual citizens,” so that all people, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, ethnicity, race, religion, social class, location, or origin are treated as humans deserving of respect.

Good Sexual Citizenship is a call to action that asks every citizen to break down inherent sexual hostility and build up something a whole lot better. To promote understanding and tolerance, Friedrichs includes a factual and historical backdrop on gender disparities, women’s rights, sexual violence, prevention, and sex education and challenges readers to question their own identity as “good sexual citizens” with guided exercises. Covering many topics like consent, sexual assault, pleasure, double standards, casual sex and hook-up culture, and teen sex, she provides tools to navigate societal messages, sexually hostile climates, stereotypes, and archaic behavior and mentalities.

This book is written for anyone—educators, parents, fellow students, coworkers, employers—who have helplessly looked around in the midst of some type of sexual injustice wondering, “What can I do?”

Ellen Friedrichs is a health educator, writer, and mom of three. Originally from Canada, Ellen now lives in New York where she runs a middle and high school health education program and teaches at Brooklyn College. She writes regularly for Rewire News and has also written for, edited the’s (now LGBT teens site, and penned a teen sex-education column for Over the years, she has answered thousands of anonymous sex questions—first for Planned Parenthood’s teen website and most recently for the okayso app. Find her at or follow her on twitter@ellenkate.
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