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Millennial Money Makeover
Escape Debt, Save for Your Future, and Live the Rich Life Now
Conor Richardson
ISBN: 9781632651457
Book (Paperback)
Career Press
5 1/4 x 8 1/2
240 pages
January 1, 2019

Currently Not Available for Purchase

Millennials are stressed. In fact, according to a 2016 survey by PwC roughly 52 percent of American millennials feel stressed about money. Conor Richardson, a millennial and a certified public accountant, has created a proven multi-step program to eliminate the stress in personal finance. The Millennial Money Makeover is a handbook of proven information that:

  • Presents the case that everyone, with a dedicated focus, can become a millionaire
  • Allows readers to assess their current financial status and list their account balances in order to gain a complete view of their finances
  • Shows readers the 7 steps needed to pay off credit card debt quickly
  • Presents a case for why readers should control their finances as early as possible
  • Demonstrates the need to create a savings plan that builds an exceptional future
  • Outlines which type of investment accounts are best for beginners
  • Examines college student loans and how to tackle long-term debt
  • Pays for itself within the first 2 chapters

The Millennial Money Makeover is the first book to provide a relatable, easy-to-read, sequential, and comprehensive approach to paying off debt, building an automated savings system, buying life’s early-stage big purchases, and teaching readers how to live the true millionaire lifestyle, which doesn't mean spending money as soon as you have it.

Conor Richardson, CPA, is the founder of Launch Your Finances, a business dedicated to helping millennials master their personal finances. Richardson began his career at Deloitte & Touche, a premier accounting and financial services firm. He currently works in accounting and finance at Aeglea Biotherapeutics where he is on the finance team responsible for taking Aeglea from an incubator-based company, through over 0 million in funding, to a NASDAQ-listed, publicly traded company. Conor received his bachelor of business administration in accounting from the University of Georgia in 2010 and earned a master of accounting and professional consultancy from Villanova University in 2011. He earned his CPA license in 2014. He currently resides in Austin, Texas. Photo: Chelsea Pistono
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