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Bound to Please
Exciting Loveplay
Emily Dubberley
ISBN: 9781859062647
Kit (mixed media) (Paperback)
6 x 9
96 pages
March 1, 2011


Many couples are excited by the idea of tying each other up or experimenting with power games, but feel nervous about what exactly is involved. For most, the thought of asking for advice is far too embarrassing. Well, now you can find out the answers in the privacy of your own home. Bound to Please holds the key to a wild and daring sex life. Emily Dubberley, a leading sexpert, introduces the joys of adventurous exploration. After establishing boundaries and safe words, Emily will help you choose the right materials for you and introduces a world of thrilling experiences to try, from power games and sensual teasing, to spanking and food play.

Voted the number sex guru in the UK, Emily Dubberley is a journalist and author specializing in sex and relationships. Her other books/kits include Sexy Ways to Play, Bound to Please, and Mindblowing Mornings and Naughty Nights.
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Kit includes fluffy handcuffs, velvet restraint/blindfold, and book of tips, treats, and techniques.

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