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Your Child's Dreams
A Parent-and-Child Workbook
Dr. Pam Spurr
ISBN: 9781859062883
Book (Paperback)
5 x 7 3/4
160 pages
April 1, 2010


With fewer inhibitions than adults, children are more willing to share their dreams and nightmares but can find it difficult to express themselves. In Your Child’s Dreams, Dr. Pam Spurr shows you fun, innovative ways to help your child develop their self-expression, and at the same time unravel dream messages—the passage to issues and problems that may be affecting their waking lives. The Dream Finder includes 24 real-life dreams with common themes, and there are eight practical “dreamercises,” plus key questions to aid discussion and a dream symbol directory. Now you can tap into your child’s inner world.

Dr. Pam is a well-known agony aunt, broadcaster, social commentator, and writer who has advised millions of people through radio, television, newspaper and magazine columns and the internet. She has a doctorate in psychology, a number of special interest areas including dream interpretation, and presently works as a life coach. She has written several self-help books.
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Contains dream diary and dictionary.

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