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Sex Dreams and Symbols
Interpreting Your Subconscious Desires
Dr. Pam Spurr
ISBN: 9781859062890
Book (Paperback)
5 x 7 3/4
224 pages
April 1, 2010


Have you ever woken from a dream feeling inexplicably anxious and yet sexually charged? Dreaming provides a rich source of information about our subconscious “life.” Most people remember something of their dreams, but few know how to interpret them. Sex Dreams and Symbols focuses on the relationship between dreaming and our sexual and romantic life. The “dreamercises” in the book will help you on your journey of sexual self-discovery, the case studies will assist you in interpreting your own dreams, and the dream directory will provide a useful quick-reference guide to dream symbolism. Now you can understand what your night-time visions mean, and use this knowledge to improve your sexual relationships.

Dr. Pam is a well-known agony aunt, broadcaster, social commentator, and writer who has advised millions of people through radio, television, newspaper and magazine columns and the internet. She has a doctorate in psychology, a number of special interest areas including dream interpretation, and presently works as a life coach. She has written several self-help books.
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