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A Modern Manual for Digital Divination
Dr. Kevin Wilson
ISBN: 9781859063408
Book (Paperback)
7 x 7
256 pages
April 1, 2012


Hon-Sho is not a horoscope. Itís a fusion of numerology and ancient Chinese oracle reading. It draws upon a fount of Chinese wisdom known as the Yi Jing (Book of Changes). But itís different from anything that has preceded it because itís not random and it gets personal.

Use Hon-Sho to identify your own Digital-DNA, a simple label which reveals your personal Chinese character reading. This unique fingerprint is then used to capture coincidence at any moment in time and deliver a reading personal to you every day. Use it as a form of reassurance, or personal counseling, or for just a moment of quiet reflection. Hon-Sho is a convenient handbook with everything explained to help your decision-making on a daily basis. The lives of many people have already been changed by Hon-Shoís revealing insightsónow itís your turn.

Dr. Kevin Wilson is a former stockbroker and investment banker who lectures successfully throughout the world teaching basic finance to the non-financially minded. He has immersed himself in ancient Chinese history and its early philosophy in order to provide a bridge to reconnect people who live in the digital era with nature and to give them the opportunity for self-reflection. He has devised Hon-Sho to achieve this objective.
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