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The Camelot Oracle
A Quest for Wisdom through the Arthurian World
John Matthews, Illustrated William Worthington
ISBN: 9781859063644
Deck (Paperback)
6 x 8 1/4
128 pages
4-Color Illustrations
November 1, 2012


For sale in North America only

Enter a mystical landscape peopled with archetypal characters and rich in myth and legend--the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The universal appeal of the Arthurian tales lies in their primal quality: they deal with every aspect of human life, from the eternal struggle to overcome obstacles to the continuing search for fulfillment. Working with the oracle cards and the Map of The Lands Adventurous you will travel from Camelot with your champion on your quest. Your chosen path leads to a place of significance where your challenger waits to hear your questions. Consulting the guidebook will reveal the answers and the guidance you require. The Camelot Oracle explores inner realms and takes you on an unforgettable journey--the journey of life itself.

John Matthews is an internationally acclaimed expert on the Celtic tradition, an area he has studied for more than 30 years. He teaches and gives seminars and workshops on the shamanic experience all over the world and, together with his wife Caitlin, is the author of over 100 books.
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Will Worthington has worked as an illustrator for thirty years. His interest in the ancient past and in Arthurian and Celtic mythology is reflected in high paintings and drawings, and he has created the card artwork for The Druid Animal Oracle, The Green Man Tree Oracle, and The Wildwood Tarot.
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