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The Wicca Deck
Sally Morningstar, Illustrated by Danuta Mayer
ISBN: 9781859063804
Deck (Paperback)
3 1/2 x 5 1/2
64 pages
Full color cards
October 1, 2014


For sale in North America only

Discover Wiccan wisdom with this beautifully illustrated divinatory deck.

Readers will enter the world of natural magic with this amazing book and companion set of 42 beautifully designed cards. Based on the same principles as a tarot deck, the cards provide a means for self-development through meditation, ritual and visualization. Each card holds a specific meaning, the details of which are spelled out in the book. Readers will learn how to lay out the cards in a variety of spreads, interpret what they see and develop deeper psychic and intuitive skills.

The companion booklet encourages readers to reconnect with the ancient traditions, ceremonies, rites of passage and rituals that work with natural magic and spiritual forces. They'll learn to utilize the powers of the sun, moon, elements, seasons, angels, birds, animals, mythical beasts, and more to unlock intuitive powers.

Sally Morningstar is a woman of many talents. She is renowned author of several books including The Art of Wiccan Healing. She has appeared on radio and television promoting a deeper connection to Nature and as a hedge witch has written extensively on Earth centered conservation and sustainability for many years. As a healer she has a diploma in anatomy & physiology and is qualified in Vibrational Medicine. Sally runs an international online natural magic training course and holds regular workshops based around relationships to self and the natural world.
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