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Prisoner of Infinity
UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation
Jasun Horsley
ISBN: 9781911597056
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books
6 x 9
336 pages
April 17, 2018


For sale in North America only

Using UFOs and the work of “experiencer” Whitley Strieber as its departure point, Prisoner of Infinity explores how beliefs are created and perceptions are managed in the face of the inexplicably complex forces of our existence. While keeping the question of a nonhuman and/or paranormal element open, the book maps how all-too-human agendas (such as the CIA’s MK Ultra program) have co-opted the ancient psychological process of myth-making, giving rise to dissociative Hollywood versions of reality.

Prisoner of Infinity examines modern day accounts of UFOs, alien abductions, and psychism to uncover a century-long program of psychological fragmentation, collective indoctrination, and covert cultural, social, and mythic engineering.

Jasun Horsley is a writer, filmmaker, artist, and musician. He is on the autism spectrum and sees creativity, spirituality, and the autistic experience (in its purest form) as synonymous: a going inward in order to make sense of what’s outside, and vice versa. Writing as Aeolus Kephas, he is the author of The Lucid View.
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