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Holden vs Ford
The Cars. The Culture. The Competition
Steve Bedwell
ISBN: 9781921295171
Book (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
9 x 9
224 pages
Full color images
August 1, 2009


Holden versus Ford, Ford versus Holden, Red versus Blue, Blue versus Red, even the order in which you say these two precious words marks you for life as to which side of the white line you drive on.

Going straight to the heart of what it means to be Australian, this book is a must-have addition to any Ford or Holden lover’s bookshelf. Loyalty, faith, competition, love – is expressed through two brands of motor car.

Written by Steve Bedwell, bestselling author of the 2009 hit book Holden vs Ford, who loves his cars and could not help but write a witty gift book for fathers and their partners, a humorous laugh-out-loud introduction to the chaotic world of parenting. Steve Bedwell is a comedy writer, television host, a radio personality, author, producer, ARIA nominated recording artist and comedian. Currently a regular panelist on Australian talkback radio, Steve is also a regular opinion panelist on Australian national TV. He is the author of Suburban Icons: A Celebration of the Everyday (1992), Vizard Uncut (2007) and the bestselling Holden vs Ford (2009). Steve has recently completed a successful tour of the Los Angeles comedy circuit.
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