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Rock'N'Roll Photography is the New Trainspotting
A Retrospective of Work from the Last 30 Years
Tony Mott
ISBN: 9781921878015
Book (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
10 x 12
228 pages
Full color photographs
October 1, 2011


Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography Is The New Trainspotting, is a retrospective of Australian photographer Tony Mott's work.

The book covers 30 years of stunningly reproduced images of international iconic figures in rock taken by one of Australia's best loved rock photographers.

With over 200 full cover images the book features photographs of the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Silverchair, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, and Pink to name just a few.

Tony Mott arrived in Australia in 1976 and has become Australia’s leading rock photographer. His photos have been published in 20 countries and they have appeared on the covers of 450 CDs and more than 700 magazines. Tony is the photographer the bands ask for. He has an incredible enthusiasm for music and musicians and has the uncanny ability to capture the quintessential appeal of whomever he is photographing.
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