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What Your Subconscious Wants to Tell You
Rose Inserra
ISBN: 9781925017175
Book (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
6 x 9
304 pages
November 1, 2015


Discover how you can intuitively interpret your dream symbols and on waking, use practical self-help remedies to recall the dreamís message. You can learn to unlock your dreams and bring them to your conscious mind to process.

Explore the meanings behind some of the most common dreams, recurring dreams, violent and sexual dreams, Freud and Jungís psychoanalytical early interpretations, archetypes in dreams, and the magic in mystical dreaming. Learn the practices of recalling dreams, lucid dreaming, dream journaling and proven dream techniques that include active imagination, meditation, dream group therapy, and ancient dreaming.

Rose Inserra is one of Australiaís most popular dream researchers, authors and presenters. Her love of researching into mysterious phenomena began in her days as a teacher, when she strived to inspire her students to delve further into the mysteries of the universe.
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