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Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences
Angels, Aliens, Dolphins & Shamans
Timothy Wyllie
ISBN: 9781931254168
Book (Paperback)
Origin Press
6 x 9
262 pages
March 1, 2001


"Timothy Wyllie draws upon an amazingly resourceful vocabulary to describe his encounters with the ineffable." —Marilyn Ferguson, author, The Aquarian Conspiracy
This chronicle of subtle-realm phenomena explains the telepathic matrix shared by humans, angels, and dolphins. It discusses epiphanies of self-realization and cosmic awareness and plunges into the planetary mysteries.

Timothy Wyllie is a writer and artist who specializes in the study of nonhuman intelligences and the cofounder of an international spiritual community. He is the author of Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences, Dolphins, ETs & Angels, and the highly acclaimed 'Rebel Angels' series, and the coauthor of Ask Your Angelse lives in Mountain Air, New Mexico.
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