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Making the Most of Bed Rest
Tips, Tools, and Resources for a Rewarding Recovery from Any Health Challenge
Barbara Edelston Peterson
ISBN: 9781936740161
For. by Dr. Christopher Segler
Book (Paperback)
Viva Editions
7 x 9
202 pages
January 15, 2013


"Peterson’s advice isn’t just for patients. Loved ones and caregivers will benefit from Peterson’s personal experiences with two bouts of best rest." —Portland Book Review

"Any time there is a special guide to help navigate through something totally foreign—such as bed rest—it really helps! Just knowing that others have gone through something similar aids in feeling less isolated. When I was bedridden trying to fight a rare form of cancer, and then again with a miracle pregnancy with twin boys, I yearned for an all-in-one guide for my spirits, for how to organize the bed, for how to help everyone trying to help me! Barbara's book has it all, while being upbeat, ambitious, creative, and life-instructive. It focuses first on recovery and improved wellness, and then the ocean of opportunity to discover parts of life that would otherwise never be realized. A big bonus in every chapter is guidance for others involved in the bed rest experience, such as partners, children, parents, friends, the medical team, and hired help. Bed rest is not about being stuck or frustrated, rather it is a call to action in making the most of personal well being while in recovery."—Jamie Whitmore, Motivational Speaker, XTERRA World Champion, Cancer Survivor, Mother of Twins

For the more than one million people who face an extended period of bed rest every year, this practical and reassuring guide turns recuperation into a productive and rewarding experience. Forced to spend months in bed during her first pregnancy, author Barbara Edelston Peterson knows what it takes to triumph over a drawn-out confinement. Find out how to transform a bed into "Command Central" — beat loneliness by staying connected to the world via family, friends, and the Internet; plan weekly and daily schedules of tasks and events; start personal projects like reading, learning a craft, or volunteering; create special quality time in bed with your children; and maintain a warm relationship with your partner. With firsthand accounts of people who have successfully come through a long-term confinement, plus helpful appendices offering sources for more information and support, Making the Most of Bed Rest transforms confinement into productive and fulfilling contentment.

Barbara Edelston Peterson is an author, motivational speaker, sports psychologist, and champion triathlete. Also the author of The Bed Rest Survival Guide and a contributor to Ms. Fitness Magazine, Triathlete Magazine, Women's Health, and HerSports, she lives in Berkeley, CA.
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