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Nifty Shades of Play
A Fantasy Sauce Book
Erica Budge
ISBN: 9780957423206
Book (Paperback)
Paperwasp Distribution
7 3/4 x 10 1/2
96 pages
Color illustrations throughout
August 1, 2014


Feeling a bit hot in the workplace? Missing your significant other and fancy a secret thrill that won’t get you arrested? Or just got idle hands and need something devilish to do with them? Then try Shades of Play, a fantasy doodle book packed with adult ideas to tickle your fancy.

A carefully curated collection of over 50 seductive activities to draw out your partner's teasing limits—a must for couples with an appetite for indoor fun with an ever so naughty twist!

Don’t get tied down with the same old same old, crack the whip and get tied up in Nifty Shades of Play, surely the ultimate bedside companion to shed those wicked inhibitions...

Paperwasp Distribution - North America