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The Party Girl Cookbook
Your Complete Guide to Throwing a Smashing Bash, with Ideas for Themes, Invitations, Costumes, and More Than 150 Recipes
Nina Lesowitz, Lara Starr
ISBN: 9781573241670
Afterword by Anneli Rufus
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
7 x 7
272 pages
September 1, 1999


Tap into your inner party girl!

No more boring parties! Whether you're entertaining three people or three hundred, The Party Girl Cookbook can turn you into a party girl and every occasion into a memorable event. Most entertaining books are overly ambitious and complex, or assume you have limitless resources and a catering staff at your disposal. The average woman who wants to give a party without breaking the bank or her back is out of luck. Not any more. The Party Girls' number one rule is, Have fun!, even and especially if you're the hostess. No deep frying or stuffing miniature mushrooms for hours on end. Each of the twenty-four themed fetes, from the familiar--Halloween and Valentine's Day--to the exotic--Come As You Were: Reincarnation Party--include ideas for invitations, party favors, decorations, music, games, costumes, and tons of food and drink.

Whether you use The Party Girl Cookbook as a step-by-step guide to throwing the most talked-about party ever, or as a personal manifesto to living life like a party girl, it will entertain and enlighten you with its humor, energy, and originality.

Nina Lesowitz has over fifteen years experience orchestrating parties for corporations and organizations throughout northern California. She has planned special events on behalf of hotels, restaurants, medical centers, architectural firms, book publishing companies, and nonprofit organizations.
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Lara Morris Starr, a marketing and publicity professional, has been instrumental in the planning of dozens of high-profile parties. Some of her parties include the press conference and reception for Michael Jordan's best-selling book Rare Air, the publication party for A Day in the Life of Hollywood, a Beverly Hills hoe-down for Roy Rogers: King of the Cowboys, and a Napa Valley cocktail party for Savoring the Wine Country.
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