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Best Lesbian Romance 2014
Edited by Radclyffe
ISBN: 9781627780100
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
5 1/2 x 8
244 pages
February 18, 2014


"An impressive literary treat, and will make for some great bedside-table reading." —Bay Area Reporter

"Best Lesbian Romance 2014 captures that dizzy sense of falling in love, making the heart-warming rush the characters experience contagious to the reader. This collection is sweet and exciting, very erotica-light for readers who like their erotic romance with a little more romance." —City Book Review

"Falling in love opens us up to possibilities we never imagined, leaving us with a deeper sense of self and a greater appreciation for life. Whether you find yourself at the beginning of your journey or far down the road of love, you’ll discover Best Lesbian Romance 2014 has stories of satisfying intimacy and soaring desire." —Creative Loafing Tampa

"100% excellent and readable stories that makes picking a favorite an impossibility. Intimacy and desire come together to provide wonderful short reading experiences." —Reviews by Amos Lassen

Savor gorgeous writing and the pleasure of romance with Best Lesbian Romance 2014. The lesbian literati in this volume comprising the very best of the year raise the bar with tales that grab readers' attention, and their libidos, and have them coming back for more. Romance is many things: thrilling, inspiring, passionate, and life-altering. But most of all, love — whether new or lifelong — is filled with endless possibility. These 18 stories of love, intimacy, and soaring romance from Andrea Dale, Anna Meadows, Lee Lynch, Radclyffe, and the rest of the best, guide readers on an unforgettable journey of adventure, desire, excitement, and discovery.

Radclyffe is the founder of the publishing house Bold Strokes Books and a recipient of the 2003/2004 Alice B. Toklas award. Also recognized with a Lambda Literary Award, she lives in upstate New York.
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