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Angel Whispers
A Journey into the World of Earth's Oldest Guardians
Morgana Starr
ISBN: 9781590032190
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel Weiser
6 x 9
242 pages
August 1, 2013


Take a journey as the author reveals to you the realm of angels in existence since the creation of this world. The book is divided into several segments.

1. Archangel Anael tells the story of angels who choose to become embodied in order to help humans access their Divine gifts.
2. Angelic parables.
3. Contemplative Angelic Messages (Daily Bread) for journaling.
4. Eight stories of encounters with angels from various authors.
5. Channeled Angel messages from twelve Light-workers complete this book.

This book is dedicated to help those who struggle to find balance in their lives. Angelic energy is the strength of unconditional love in order to empower the human race with the infinite gifts of the Divine.

Morgana’s path has led her to contact a world unseen and forgotten by modern humans to uncover a realm that has existed since the creation of this world.

Reverend Morgana Starr has been following a spiritual path for most of her life. A child of missionary parents in Africa, she walked away from traditional religion and stepped into a spirituality filled with the richness of the Divine Spirit. She then began to actively work with the Angels. Anael, the main angel Morgana works with, is the Angel of Love and Empowerment, whose mission is unity, unconditional love and to connect us with our Divine Power and Gifts. Morgana is a full-time Psychic/Medium. She facilitates with Past Life Regression/Healing, Energy Balancing and Spiritual Healing. Morgana is also a Reiki Master Teacher (Third Generation Dr. Usui), Native American Pipe Carrier, Author, Speaker & Teacher.
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