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Awaken Your Psychic Ability
Debbie Malone
ISBN: 9781925017953
Book (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
6 x 9
264 pages
June 1, 2016


Debbie Malone, Australian Psychic of the Year 2013, acclaimed spirit medium, psychic and clairvoyant, psychometry expert and TV personality, dips into her experiences from working alongside police forces with investigative and missing persons cases, and conducting numerous mediumship readings for people over the years, to bring you the most comprehensive and empowering book to develop your intuition to profound heights.

Awaken Your Psychic Ability takes you on a ride towards your soul, as Debbie shares her wisdom and skills, including exercises in bringing to life the psychic within you.

Debbie Maloneis an acclaimed spirit medium who has assisted police departments across Australia in missing-persons and murder investigations for the last sixteen years. Her extraordinary gifts - she is a psychic and clairvoyant as well as a medium - enable her to receive visions from both the living and the dead, from the past, present and future, and to convey messages to bereaved families from their departed loved ones. Debbie Malone’s schedule includes conducting psychic development workshops, spirit photography tours, numerous print, television and radio interviews, private readings and workshops on how to attune to the spirit world. National Television appearances include "Today Tonight", "Sensing Murder", and “Sunrise" and most recently on “The One” on the Seven Network.
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