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Can't Help the Way That I Feel
Sultry Stories of African American Love, Lust and Fantasy
Edited by Lori Bryant-Woolridge
ISBN: 9781573443869
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
5 1/2 x 8
256 pages
March 30, 2010


"I was surprisingly impressed with this Can't Help the Way I Feel. I ended up being really, really pleasantly surprised. Unlike other erotic anthologies, this book focuses a lot on the plot. There isn’t any short story with a barely-there plot and lots of sex. Instead, the stories have lots of plot and lots of sex. In most stories, there are multiple sex scense within a single story, and all of the stories have really unique plots that I never would have thought about for a sex story. It’s actually really great, and for that reason, I found myself absorbed in each one of the stories. It’s almost like reading a very short book that happens to have in it; except this book contains multiple instances of those very-short books. It’s really unique, very creative, and a lot of fun to read." —Pop My Cherry Reviews
Who wants to live without temptation? Edited by Emmy award-winning and Essence bestselling author Lori Bryant-Woolridge, Can’t Help the Way That I Feel features women who willingly give in when offered the right enticement. Lemon sangria becomes the elixir of lust for one player trying to seduce the naughty out of one very nice girl in Teddy Bell’s “The Sangria Seduction.” Hard as she tries, a God-fearing Georgia peach in “Bubble Music” by Toi James can’t resist getting her hands dirty at an erotic art party. A birthday massage in “Tandem” by Lori Bryant-Woolridge turns into a decidedly lusty session when a team of masseuses rub their client in all the right ways. With characters that crave romance and sensuality as well as those who take what they want, both good girls and bad girls will find much to love about this heated collection.

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