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Your Health in Your Hands
Hand Analysis as a Guide to Well-Being
Lori Reid
ISBN: 9781859064016
Book (Paperback)
7 x 9
144 pages
Full-color illustrations
May 1, 2016


Your palms are mirrors of your personality and how you think and behave. But they can also reveal how you’re feeling at a particular moment, your overall state of health, and whether you’re predisposed to a particular condition.

Learn to read the lines, patterns, and bumps on your hands, and you can monitor your health and promote your well-being on a daily basis. In this easy-to-follow, fully illustrated guide, Lori Reid takes you by the hand and shows you how. First she teaches the basics of hand analysis and how overall appearance, as well as line details and markings, begin to build a health “picture.” Then she focuses on specific health indicators and how to read them. Finally, with all this inside knowledge, you can select positive self-help treatments for particular conditions from a range of complementary therapies described.

So, whether you just feel out of sorts or have identified a particular problem, you can now literally take your health in your hands!

Lori Reid is a leading hand analyst and respected author of more than 40 books, including titles on hand reading, color therapy, and astrology. She makes regular UK media appearances and contributes to national and international newspapers and magazines.
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