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The Wholehearted Life
Big Changes and Greater Happiness Wek by Week
Susyn Reeve, Foreword by Janet Conner
ISBN: 9781936740901
Book (Paperback)
Viva Editions
5 x 8
224 pages
November 18, 2014


"To mark her arrival at the landmark age of 65, Susyn Reeve decided to make a gift of her cumulative life experience. She did a life review and came up with 52 key ideas, one for every week of the year in The WholeHearted Life.Then she developed 7 self-exploratory exercises for each idea. Most of your customers will begin at the beginning and work through the exercises in sequence, but Reeve tells readers that working spontaneously, randomly choosing the thought for each day, is also an option. From the Law of Attraction to Celebrating Success, it’s a tested path to a fulfilling life." –New Age Retailer

"Susyn has written a treasure. Based on the idea that peace and happiness begin with a choice, this powerful book will open your heart as it takes you on a one-year journey to peace and happiness. It's just what the world needs now." — Ken Blanchard, best-selling co-author of The One Minute Manager and co-founder of the Center for FaithWalk Leadership

"Susyn Reeve has written an insightful, inspiring, refreshingly honest, and practical guide to living a life of contentment, connection and joy. The simple day-by-day exercises on these pages add up to a transformative yearlong journey. Susyn does not gloss over life’s pain and struggles but shows us how to use them to embrace new perspectives and possibilities. This book is a gift. Open your heart and mind to receive it, and share it with other." –Fran Smith, co-author of Changing the Way We Die

The Wholehearted Life is the culmination of Susyn Reeve's lifelong work. Comprised of 365 days of change-your-life ideas that can be executed in just a few minutes each day, this is a guide to a life of contentment and community, where you give and receive love, including the oft-missing self-love and compassion. Reeve is a scholar of the human soul and is on a mission to help everyone live a wholehearted life, one of inner serenity, esteem toward self, shared joy, and limitless love. Reeve's warm and wise encouragement offers readers 52 week's worth of ways to pray, play, and passionately pursue a life lived utterly and fully from the heart. This book is an essential tool for learning how to eliminate gossip, seize the moment, go on a media diet, listen to and follow the still small voice, use feelings as a guide, and detach and let go.

Janet Conner is a writer, speaker, teacher, retreat guide, and radio show host of The Soul-Directed Life radio show for Unity Online Radio. Each year she teaches five global telecourses in her trademark series Your Soul Wants Five Things, which offers spiritual tools and practices that help people meet their soul’s primary needs. She lives and writes in Ozona, Florida. Visit her online at Photo credit: Sunshine Design Studio
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