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Arts and Letters
Edmund White
ISBN: 9781573442480
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
6 x 9
376 pages
September 19, 2006


A dazzling collection of profiles and interviews by the preeminent American cultural essayist of our time. In these 39 lively essays and profiles, best-selling novelist and biographer Edmund White draws on his wide reading and his sly good humor to illuminate some of the most influential writers, artists, and cultural icons of the past century: among them, Marcel Proust, Catherine Deneuve, George Eliot, Andy Warhol, Andrť Gide, David Geffen, and Robert Mapplethorpe. Whether heís praising Nabokovís sensuality, or critiquing Elton Johnís walk (ďas though heís a wind-up doll thatís been overwound and sent heading for the top of the stairsĒ), or describing serendipitous moments in his seven-year-long research into the life of Genet, White is unfailingly observant, erudite, and entertaining.

Author Edmund White was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on January 13, 1940. He majored in Chinese at the University of Michigan. Before spending a year in Rome, he worked for Time-Life Books from 1962 until 1970. Upon his return, he became an editor for The Saturday Review and Horizon. He lived in France from 1983 until 1990. His works have chronicled gay life with such books as A Boy's Own Story, The Beautiful Room Is Empty, and The Farewell Symphony.
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