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Shortcuts to Success
The Absolute Best Ways to Master Your Money, Time, Health, and Relationships
Jonathan Robinson
ISBN: 9781573241885
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
7 x 5 1/4
208 pages
January 31, 2000


Motivational author and speaker Jonathan Robinson shares his recipe for surefire success in a book designed to help any reader revitalize relationships, enhance health, and achieve a peak-performance life. Robinson has distilled his own experience and that of his teachers and peers, from Anthony Robinson to Ram Dass, into a roadmap to the quickest and smartest ways to achieve happiness, fulfillment, and a healthy, prosperous life. In clear, no-nonsense terms, the author encourages readers to remove the roadblocks to personal success and to realize their dreams, while taking more vacations, finding greater intimacy in relationships, and living more healthfully. In his most vital book to date, Robinson shows that success is not a destination but a journey.

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist and a professional speaker, who conducts workshops on communication, leadership, and team building at Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of Communication Miracles for Couples. Photo credit: Jeannine Bordeaux
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