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Simply an Inspired Life
Consciously Choosing Unbounded Happiness in Good Times & Bad
Mary Anne Radmacher, Jonathan Lockwood Huie
ISBN: 9781573244572
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
256 pages
September 1, 2009


Software and technological entrepreneur Huie, who came to a search for deeper meaning later in life, has teamed up with artist and writer, Radmacher, who came to it earlier through her art. Point and counterpoint, they take the reader through a process of taking charge of their own lives.

The key to living an inspired life is simple: accept your past; release your expectations; embrace your choices. The truth of the matter is that the more we like ourselves, the fewer expectations we have, and the way we make conscious choices -- in everyday matters large and small -- are the key to living an inspired life.

Simply an Inspired Life teaches readers to distinguish between events and our feelings about them, to choose thoughtfully, and to never blame ourselves or anyone else. Filled with inspiring quotes -- wisdom from the ages and all traditions, personal stories, and exercises -- Simply an Inspired Life is based on eight guiding principles: honor, forgiveness, gratitude, choice, vision, action, celebration, and unity with all creation. They are all equally important -- and practiced daily they change lives.

* Radmacher, an artist and visionary, teams up with Jonathan Lockwood Huie, a retired computer technologist-executive with a mission to teach self-awareness through his writing, website, and seminars, combine their skills and wisdom to create a plan for a simple and inspired life.

* The key is recognizing the power of conscious choice -- even bad circumstances come with a choice.

Mary Anne Radmacher is an acclaimed writer and artist who has touched the hearts of many with her popular cards, books, posters, journals, and gift books. She conducts workshops and writing seminars on living a full, creative, and balanced life. She is the author several books including Courage Doesn’t Always Roar, Lean Forward Into Your Life, and Live Boldly all from Conari Press. She is also the official hand letterer for the Bill Clinton Library Gift Shop. She lives with her husband near Seattle, Washington. Visit her online at or (Photo Credit: Michael Stadler)
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Following a successful career in the go-go world of high-tech start ups, Jonathan Lockwood Huie began a search for revelations of universal wisdom and inner peace and is now drawn to share what he has absorbed from many sources and from direct connection with the Infinite to assist others in transforming their worries and stresses into joyful acceptance of life's uncertainties and a bold confident outlook on the future.
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