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Inspirations to Get You Where You Want to Go
Addie Johnson
ISBN: 9781573244749
Book (Hardcover)
Conari Press
112 pages
September 1, 2010


"The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-it-iveness; third, common sense." --Thomas A. Edison

"Stick-to-it-iveness is a funny word,” Addie Johnson writes in the introduction of this small profound volume. “Some might say it’s not even a real word, but it speaks for itself.” In her winsome, quirky, inspirational style, Johnson shares ideas that inspire us to make light of the hard work of achieving our dreams.

This is a book that attests to the power of a little bit at a time. There’s a simple key to accomplishing our wildest dreams--a secret, hidden in plain view--sticking to it.

Addie Johnson grew up in San Francisco, went east to go to Vassar College, and never bothered to leave New York. She's an actor and helps run Rising Phoenix Rep, a small developmental theatre company. She’s also an editor and author of several books and lives in Brooklyn with her family.
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