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The Ultimate Guide to Bondage
Creating Intimacy through the Art of Restraint
Mistress Couple
ISBN: 9781627782746
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
5 x 8
240 pages
30 B/W figures and illustrations
November 13, 2018


“Far too few modern books on BDSM confront the much needed emphasis on Safety before diving into a deep exploration of the topic the way The Ultimate Guide to Bondage by Mistress Couple does so beautifully. But what really brought this book home for me was the care and time that Mistress Couple placed at the end of the book with short stories to reflect top-notch games at their finest. Standing ovation.” —Master Arcane of The Crow Academy, author of Igniting The Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission

"I thoroughly enjoyed The Ultimate Guide to Bondage, being a deviant pervert (latex fetishist and clothing enthusiast) I particularly loved the exploration of costume bondage, attractive mummification suggestions and the latex sucky bed. In addition using "real" people as models, which is so refreshing, I appreciated the insight into Mistress Couple’s journey into the SM realm and the section of erotic essays revealing both sides of bondage. For the geek there is lots of interesting factual information and history. A must read for anyone with an interest in bondage." —The Baroness, Latex Designer and Evangelist

“This exceptional resource goes well beyond the expected and delves into a wide range of bondage types (balloon encasement, anyone?) from both practical and philosophical perspectives in a most thoughtful way. It inspires deeper thinking about bondage—and deeper thinking leads to better bondage scenes!” —Evie Vane, author of Better Bondage for Every Body and The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up

"Going beyond technique, Mistress Couple provides a grounded introduction to bondage and restraint that has depth. If you want to explore this erotic practice, and care about the meaning of it, the "why" of bondage and not just the "how", this book is a strong foundation to start that exploration." --Dr. Richard Sprott, developmental psychologist, co-author of Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities

Whether you are looking for an introduction to bondage or seeking new heights of erotic delights, The Ultimate Guide to Bondage is the perfect addition to your dungeon’s bookshelf!

This book is a comprehensive reference guide for any mistress, master, or lover of BDSM. Mistress Couple’s original and insightful approach to bondage invites curious kinksters to consider and explore a myriad of practical and psychological bondage methods. Going far beyond any BDSM “starter kit” the book shows how bondage truly extends past the rope and chain restraint of your partner.

From decorative applications such as wedding rings and corsets to invisible yet potent mental bondage and fetish applications such as balloon or nylon encasement, this book provides historical context, powerful insights, tutorials, examples, and activities for every type of bondage enthusiast.

Mistress Couple is the head mistress of La Domaine Esemar, the world’s oldest BDSM training chateau, where she hosts and educates bondage practitioners from all over the globe. Best known for her psychological approach to BDSM, Mistress Couple has been interviewed as an authority in the field by media outlets including Cosmopolitan, VICE, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and Racked.
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