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Lean Forward into Your Life
Listen Hard, Live With Intention, and Play With Abandon
Mary Anne Radmacher
ISBN: 9781573246460
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 x 7
240 pages
January 1, 2015


Lean Forward into Your Life is an invitation, a reflection, and a set of prompts to help you remember the questions you want to ask yourself. In the words of artist and author Mary Ann Radmacher, Lean Forward into Your Life is a “commonplace book for leading an uncommon life. An uncommon life need not include fame and fortune. An uncommon life means living with intention, paying attention, celebrating, taking care of yourself, risking love. To live an uncommon life means to live large from the heart.”

  • Live with intention
  • Walk to the edge
  • Listen hard
  • Play with abandon
  • Practice wellness
  • Laugh
  • Risk love
  • Continue to learn
  • Appreciate your friends
  • Choose with no regret
  • Fail with enthusiasm
  • Stand by your family
  • Celebrate the holidays that make sense
  • Lead or follow a leader
  • Do what you love
  • Live as if this is all there is

Mary Anne Radmacher is an acclaimed writer and artist who has touched the hearts of many with her popular cards, books, posters, journals, and gift books. She conducts workshops and writing seminars on living a full, creative, and balanced life. She is the author several books including Courage Doesn’t Always Roar, Lean Forward Into Your Life, and Live Boldly all from Conari Press. She is also the official hand letterer for the Bill Clinton Library Gift Shop. She lives with her husband near Seattle, Washington. Visit her online at or (Photo Credit: Michael Stadler)
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