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Stress Elimination Handbook
A Holistic Self-Help Program to Restore Health, Achieve Balance, and Promote Well-Being
Grandmaster Adrian Simon Lowe
ISBN: 9780892541621
Book (Paperback)
7 x 10
160 pages
Color insert and illustrations.
August 1, 2010


Stress has its roots at the very essence of life, and has caused more suffering and diminishment of the human spirit than any other affliction. The stress-disease epidemic of our times confronts us both with the financial cost and political issues around obtaining and dealing with health and our health-care systems.

Stress has become a part of our everyday existence. This handbook addresses the medical and scientific aspects of the effects of stress on our immune system and bodies and explores the importance of breathing properly, and Qi in nutrition. The importance of boosting the immune system and taking action to reduce stress on all levels becomes very clear to why we need make our health a first priority and is expanded upon with text and a full color foldout wallposter of all movements.

An Empath, medical intuitive, and spiritual Qi healer, Grandmaster Lowe is the lineage holder of LAMAS Qi Gong, earning him the distinction of being the leading authority in this field of Qi Gong. He is a descendant of the Taotang and LoLo tribes of Ancient China. He has practiced LAMAS Qi Gong, a 3,000-years-old and previously esoteric ancestral family art, since he was seven years old. He has appeared on various televisions and radio programs, and has published in magazines, newspapers, periodicals and journals. He wrote The Art of Daoyin and has produced instructional 10 Qi Gong DVDís.
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Sample Content:
A portion of the Stress Elimination Wall Chart