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Mother Is A Verb
Mina Parker
ISBN: 9781573243049
Book (Hardcover)
Conari Press
9 x 6
80 pages
April 1, 2007


"Mothers . . . care for, cultivate, attend to, watch over, look after, nurse, hug and kiss, count to ten, irritate us, get all mushy, make us proud, wash behind our ears . . .

We don't need a dictionary; for most of us "mother" is the first word we ever learn. And besides being the name we call out when we're sick, afraid, or proud of our accomplishments, mother is a verb. So here's to mothers and everything they do.

Mina Parker is a freelance writer, editor, and mom. Her other books for Conari are Half Full, Mother Is a Verb, 100 Good Wishes for Baby and Her Inspiration. She has also worked as an actor, a grant writer, and an administrator for several non-profits. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.
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