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The Food Revolution
How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and the World
John Robbins
ISBN: 9781573244879
10th Anniversary Edition
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
6 x 9
488 pages
B&W spot art
September 15, 2010


In 1987, John Robbins published Diet for a New America, which was an early version of this book, and he started the food revolution. He continues to work tirelessly to promote conscious food choices more than 20 years later.

First published in 2001, The Food Revolution is still one of the most frequently cited and talked about books of the food-politics revolution. It was one of the very first books to discuss the negative health effects of eating genetically modified foods and animal products of all kinds, to expose the dangers inherent in our factory farming system, and to advocate a complete plant-based diet.

The book garnered endorsements by everyone from Paul Hawken to Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson to Julia Butterfly Hill. After ten years in print, The Food Revolution is timelier than ever--and a very compelling read.

The 10th anniversary edition has an updated, contemporary look and a new introduction by the author.

John Robbins is the author of the bestselling The Food Revolution, Diet for a New America, and No Happy Cows. His life and work have been featured on PBS.
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