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The Whole Lesbian Sex Book
A Passionate Guide for All of Us
Felice Newman
ISBN: 9781573441995
Rev. and Expanded 2nd Edition
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
7 x 10
400 pages
October 27, 2004


"Superb.… Sets a standard for which all popular sex writers should aim. Not just for lesbians—heterosexual women could learn a great deal about themselves, as could the men who aspire to please them." —Library Journal

"Infectious and empowering and extremely well researched. I highly recommend this book to every woman: bi, lesbian, almost queer, totally straight, or boy-girl. Getting off is good, and this book will help you get off better." —Bust

"A classic." —The Advocate

"The encyclopedia of lesbian sex that every good girl needs in her library." —On Our Backs

"The most complete, all-questions-answered, savvy guide to lesbian sex. Keep it next to the bed." —Good Vibrations

"Urban and diverse in topic, this new guide is a cool drink of water in a drought of good sex info for dykes. This book gives tips, toys and tidings you’ll wonder how you lived without." —Babeland

"Desire, fantasy, every twist and turn of the erotic imagination—it’s all here." —Planet Out

"Filled with great advice, practical support, and steamy, imaginative suggestions." —Girlfriends

"Felice Newman has her latex-covered finger on the clit of Lesbian Nation." —San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Kinky people may consider themselves past needing sex manuals, but anyone involved in a sexual relationship with a woman, be they male or female, would be well advised to study this book carefully." —Skin Two

"Up-to-date, inclusive, and hot." —

"The most thorough and up-to-date lesbian sex guide around. Don’t buy Newman’s book expecting a clone of the genteel Joy of Lesbian Sex. The author describes everything in delicious and explicit detail…" —LesbiaNation

"The lesbian sex information you've always wanted but could never find. The Whole Lesbian Sex Book is intelligent, sexy, humorous and emotionally savvy." —Staci Haines, author of Healing Sex

What made Lincoln’s hat stand up? Did Chairman Mao keep a Little Black Book?

Lynda Schor’s "Seduction" follows Warren Beatty on his tireless erotic journey, with characters like Joan Collins and Joyce Carol Oates chiming in on his legendary prowess. In "The Ballad of Scott and Zelda," Maxim Jakubowski traces the passion and the slow, bitter disconnection of those idols of the Jazz Age. "Love, Zora," by Fiona Zedde, is a graceful, poetic evocation of a young woman’s affair with Zora Neale Hurston. Editor Mitzi Szereto brings together a playful and varied collection, not only gratifying our curiosity about acknowledged sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe and Rudolph Valentino, but exciting readers with the imaginary adventures of such unlikely figures as Toulouse Lautrec, Sigmund Freud, and God.

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