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Chapter 1: Learning the Basics

Put Anxiety Behind You: The Complete Drug-Free Program
Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc

Sally was telling me about her new job as office manager and the problems that came with it. One employee in particular, Alice, had gone out of her way to be disagreeable and turn other employees against Sally. Morale and cooperation were low and conditions defied management.

Sally and I hadn't gotten together in a while, but we had been friends for a long time and this was an opportunity to do her a favor.

"Sally," I said, "I've learned a few things since we visited the last time, and if you like, we'll see what we can do about your office."

She agreed, and I began using a method to get the information needed to correct the problem. It only took a few minutes and as I relayed the information to her, she nodded her head in agreement. The place was a disaster--low motivation, something draining everyone's energy, ill will?the list went on and on. It took a while longer to make the corrections. Then I asked Sally how long it would be before she had a chance to get the office staff together.

"This Thursday we have a staff meeting, and that is only two days away!" she exclaimed.

"Will you let me know how it goes?"

"Sure," she agreed.

On Friday she sent an e-mail saying that the level of cooperation and overall energy in the office and staff had changed remarkably. Even Alice had come to her and offered to be more cooperative. A week later, conditions were still improved, making her job easier and more enjoyable.

Now, Sally had taken part in some unusual experiences with me before and this was not a great surprise to her. But you folks reading this probably want to know how it happened. After all, affecting office conditions several hundred miles distant is not what most people do for an evening's entertainment.

Well, that is one of the things this book is about. I just have to throw in some stories to get your attention. If you can survive the first few pages of technical information, the rest is easy. Once you learn the basics, everything else is just another technique.

You Can Perform Miracles

Now, folks, this book is about many things, but foremost is self-empowerment. Many examples are given here to encourage you, and to illustrate what can be done. Most of these examples are written in the words of those who actually accomplished these feats. They, for the most part, are people like you. They didn't have all the answers any more than you and I do. They just believed in themselves enough to do something.

The bottom line is this: If you can relax your body and mind enough to focus your thoughts, and use vivid visualization, you can perform miracles.

Now, don't complicate it. So many people miss the whole picture because it is so simple. I'll say it again: If you can relax your body and mind enough to focus your thoughts, and use vivid visualization, you can perform miracles.

We live in a world that wants to complicate everything. Lecturers and writers use big words and complicated terms to make themselves appear superior. I know for a fact that some speakers dangle a tidbit of information in front of the audience and then withhold the rest of the information. This appears to give the speaker a sense of superiority. My goal is to present this information in a manner that can be understood by anyone of average intelligence. You will not need a dictionary to read this book, because I never use a long word if a short one will do the job.

The basic idea is this: The future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized. We have the choice to create our future or let it be created by our indecision. We have created our present by our thoughts, decisions, and actions, or by their absence. By the same method, or lack of it, we create our future. We have a choice of which future we create. There are probably infinite possible futures for us, all dependent upon our thoughts and actions.

If there is one single message for people who attend my classes, it is this. You are not just victims of the elements and politicians. You have a choice, but having a choice is of little benefit unless you exercise it!

At each speaking opportunity, I make a statement that is in most part quoted from my friend Chief Two Trees. It goes like this:

"People have given their health to their doctor, their money to their banker, their soul to their preacher or priest, their children to the school system, and in so doing, have lost the power to control their lives." After the applause dies down, it is followed by this: "People buy things they don't need, at prices they can't afford, with money they don't have, to impress someone who doesn't give a damn."

The Power of Thought

OK, now that we know we have a choice in creating our future, how do we go about it? Well, first we have to learn how to think and to add power to our thoughts. Thoughts are the first step of creativity. Probably most people's thoughts are so scattered and at the wrong brain frequency that they don't really amount to much outside their own mind and body. Under stress, the brain frequency speeds up and this causes the thoughts to lose power. It also causes the immune system to weaken, thereby making one more vulnerable to disease and germs.

It is common knowledge that stress isn't all that good for us, and that the opposite of stress is relaxation. Stress also hinders us from focusing our mind, and there is much more power in a focused mind than a scattered mind.

My friend Harold McCoy and I speak at most major dowsing societies across the country. Harold, the founder of the Ozark Research Institute, makes a most impressive talk on "The Power of a Focused Mind." He has used this power of mind to get the ticks and fleas out of his yard. He has also used it to stop an oil leak in his car, and in thousands of successful healings on people.

Let's explain it like this. Everything has a frequency, vibration, beat, or cycle. Pick whichever word you like best. The Earth goes around the sun every 365 days, 6 hours, and a few minutes. The moon goes around the Earth every 28 days. The leaves that fall to the Earth will decay and go back to the Earth, and the tree, if left undisturbed, will go back to the Earth. All things come from the Earth and will return to the Earth. This is a cycle of nature.

Our heart has a cycle also; it beats about 70 times a minute. Now this is all understood by everyone. What is not so much understood is that the brain also has a frequency, beat, or cycle. In our normal state during the day, our brain is emitting about 20 beats per second, which is what is called the beta frequency. The brain frequency is separated into four parts. Depending on whose research you choose to believe, the frequencies are something like this. From 0.5 to 3 is called delta, from 4 to 7 is called theta, from 8 to 14 is called alpha, and from 15 up is called beta.

According to my information, there is a band of energy around the earth that vibrates at 10 beats per second, and this is the energy in the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid. Some believe the pyramid was built the way it is to create the alpha frequency to allow healing for the pharaoh and his family--exposure to the alpha frequency seems to allow the body to correct a multitude of problems.

It also seems possible to be able to create an alpha frequency with our hands. I have heard of a group of Native Americans who would shake their hands over the body of a sick or injured person to create a healing condition. Apparently this method has been around for a while, but not well known.
We know from experience that by moving our hands rapidly around the head of a person with a headache, the headache will, in most cases, vanish. This method has been used for many years with great success and in many cases the headaches never return, even after several years. The same method can be applied to other parts of the body.

There are two sides of the brain--the right and left hemispheres--and it is believed that only about 10 percent of the population uses both sides of the brain at the same time. This is greatly simplifying it, but the left side is the logical side and the right is the creative side. All children use both sides, which is why children have such vivid imaginations.

Think for a moment. Do you still have the imagination that you had as a child? Probably not. Why? Because most people lose their ability to equally use both sides of their brain as the body physically matures. Can you get it back? Yes. How? Stay with me and keep reading.

One of the first things we need to do is to learn to reach a more powerful state of mind. If we were able to consciously lower our brain waves, we could improve our immune system and give more power to our thoughts. It would also help us to use both sides of our brain. ...

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