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Simon is the editor of the famed Necronomicon (known as the Schlangekraft Recension). He has been a student of magic, occultism, and religion since the mid-1960s. He was a frequent lecturer at the famed Warlock Shop in Brooklyn and the Magickal Childe Bookstore in Manhattan for more than ten years before his sudden disappearance in 1984. He spoke on topics as diverse as religion and politics, occultism and fascism, ceremonial magic, demonolatry, the Tarot, the Qabala, and Asian occult systems. He also conducted private classes for the New York City OTO during this period, with a focus on Enochian magic, "wandering bishops," and Afro-Caribbean occult beliefs. An ordained priest of an Eastern Orthodox church, Simon has appeared on television and radio discussing such topics as exorcism, satanism, and Nazism. The media events he organized in the 1970s and 1980s -- with rock bands, ritual performances, and celebrity appearances -- helped to promote the "occult renaissance" in New York City. For undisclosed reasons his whereabouts have been unknown since 1984.

Necronomicon (Hardcover)
         31st Anniversary Edition

Starry Wisdom (Hardcover)