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Maryam Mafi

Maryam Mafi was born and raised in Iran. She went to Tufts University in the US in 1977 where she studied sociology and literature. While reading for her masterís degree in international communications in American and Georgetown Universities she began translating Persian literature and has been doing so ever since. She lives in London.

The Book of Rumi (Paperback)
         105 Stories and Fables that Illumine, Delight, and Inform

A Little Book of Mystical Secrets (Paperback)
         Rumi, Shams of Tabriz, and the Path of Ecstasy

The Little Book of Sufi Stories (Paperback)
         Ancient Wisdom to Nourish the Heart

Rumi, Day by Day (Paperback)
         Daily Inspirations from the Mystic of the Heart

Rumi's Little Book of Life (Paperback)
         The Garden of the Soul, the Heart, and the Spirit

Rumi's Little Book of Love (Paperback)
         150 Poems That Speak to the Heart

Rumi's Little Book of the Heart (Paperback)
Rumi's Little Book of Wisdom (Paperback)
Whispers of the Beloved (Hardcover)