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Laura George

Laura George began her human resource management career in 1989 and knows how a "gut" feeling has prompted her to give less than stellar candidates further consideration while by-passing candidates whose presentations looked good. She also know all of the tricks of the trade: how human resource departments weed out resumes with software, how they flush out incorrect data, what kinds of companies advertise globally and hire locally. Her job search knowledge comes from both sides of the human resource desk. As a professional, she has found the world of work to be a revolving door due to "downsizing" more than once. Therefore, George's job search advise comes from hands-on experience as well as her experience in helping many colleagues find employment. George has worked in several industries including small, mid-sized, and Fortune 100 companies with thousands of employees worldwide. I currently own my own consulting company LHG Consulting, Inc. which provides human resource expertise to small businesses in Northeast Ohio.

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Excuse Me, Your Job is Waiting (Paperback)
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